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More women for the test and demo sector

On Thursday, January 25, Test Site Sweden-West, in cooperation with Volvo Cars, AB Volvo, CEVT, AstaZero and Kongsberg Automotive, organized a women’s evening for students from Chalmers University of Technology, aimed at inspiring more women to work in the area of test and demo.

vindtunnel.jpgIt was an informative evening, with a guided tour of Volvo Cars’ test rigs, where the wind tunnel was the highlight. This was followed by food, networking and a discussion workshop.  35 students from various programs at Chalmers participated during the evening, together with 15 representatives from Test Site Sweden-West at Lindholmen Science Park, Volvo Cars, AB Volvo, CEVT, AstaZero and Kongsberg Automotive.

The project manager for Test Site Sweden West, Lovisa Westblom, found it very exciting to arrange such a unique event.

“An event at which several companies have collaborated to inspire women to work in the automotive industry and test and demo, in particular. In addition, 73% of the participants felt that the evening contributed to them becoming interested in applying for work in the field of test and demo, which feels incredibly satisfying. I look forward to arranging more of these events,” says Lovisa.


Comments from participants at the evening:

“A really great initiative! Really fantastic to see women in this work.”

“Fun to meet people who make a great effort to capture our interest and listen to our views. Super!”

“Great fun to get an insight into the industry and to see exactly what engineers do! Nice to also be able to discuss one’s professional perspective with others. More of this at more companies. Thank you!”