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TSS West – a platform for new technology and skills

The objective of TSS West has been to enhance the competitiveness of the automotive and transportation industry in Västra Götaland. August 23 was the date of the final conference at Lindholmen Science Park where lessons from the project and all its successes were summarized.
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TSS West’s other aims were to help make test and demo environments available and establish new ones, to attract external funding and investments for test projects and to increase partnerships between the various operators in the region. The project is being run by Lindholmen Science Park and Innovatum and is supported by the EU’s regional fund and Region Västra Götaland.

The final conference for TSS West was held on August 23 and the big question was: In terms of tests and demos, what has TSS West contributed to Region Västra Götaland? We asked Lovisa Westblom, TSS West Project Manager, Magnus Olsson, Manager RISE Test and Demo Office, RISE Group and Daniel Hallencreutz, Senior Consultant at Kontigo to answer this question…

What is TSS West’s strength?

Daniel Hallencreutz: “The great strength of this type of project, which is not that common, is that it fills a gap in the publicly financed system. These free resources for the earlier types of vent


ures where tests can be made in various pilot studies is something that is needed.  For example, you can test a new direction or new collaborations before testing on a large scale right away – that’s very positive! Another advantage that we like at Kontigo, which I’m representing, is that when we work together with Region Västra Götaland, Innovatum and also Lindholmen Science Park, we have put together two innovation platforms – Innovatum and Lindholmen Science Park – in a very natural way, which has allowed us to greatly benefit from both of them. But I would really like to emphasis what is important about this type of partnership is that you have the opportunity to test the right things at an early stage at a very low cost.”

In terms of tests and demos, what do you think TSS West has contributed to Region Västra Götaland?

magnus_olssson.jpgMagnus Olsson: “TSS West has helped get many projects and initiatives off the ground. We have had the opportunity to meet and focus on an original idea of strengthening Swedish test and demo environments. TSS West has also shown that new technology can be part of developments at an early stage. TSS West demonstrates that the conditions for new technology and skills exist, and that there is a need for this type of arena. TSS West has proven that there is a need to present future initiatives at an early stage.

What are TSS West’s greatest successes?

Lovisa Westblom: “TSS West’s greatest successes are the increasing synergies between Innovatum and Lindholmen Science Park and operators in the region, and TSS West serving as a central test and demo hub in the region, and most players want to see the project continue for this reason. Twenty or so pilot studies have been carried out in TSS West, almost all of which have resulted in project applications and thus attracted funding to Region Västra Götaland. TSS West has also established a women’s network to attract more women to the industry.”