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National arena for transport and environmental engineering

We provide a neutral arena for cooperation within vehicle, transportation and environmental engineering. Test Site Sweden initiates and develops test and demonstration environments for vehicles in order to support the development of sustainable transport. We are also a partner of the Vinnova program testbeds in environmental engineering.

Test Site Sweden is a neutral meeting place for joint research projects in Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) focusing on the environment, automotive safety and logistics. Test Site Sweden is a program within Lindholmen Science Park dedicated to develop test and demonstration environments in Sweden to support sustainable transport systems.


  • Magnus Karlström
    Project Manager
  • Anna Hafström Kováts
    Press Contact
  • Lovisa Westblom
    Project Manager (maternity leave)
    Urban mobility, construction logistics, urban development, electrification
  • Kristoffer Skjutare
    Project Manager
    Intermodal transport, maritime systems, terminals, information supply and information sharing

Test Site Sweden is a collaboration between